Post-Secondary Resources

The Exploring the Great Bear Sea Post-Secondary Resource is a tool instructors can use for guidance in facilitating the use of The Great Bear Sea: Reflecting on the Past, Planning for the Future film in their courses. The film and resource explore themes that support study in a variety of post-secondary subject areas, including environmental science, marine studies, resource management, coastal geography, Indigenous studies and social sciences (law, governance, sociology, etc.).

Download Resource

The resource is free to download and includes the following:

  • facilitator’s guide
  • student resources to use in classroom, including brief overviews and detailed case studies
  • instructor resources, including background information, suggested activities and discussion questions to use in the classroom, additional links and resources (such as maps, research data, etc.)
  • the full-length Great Bear Sea film as well as a variety of short film clips on the YouTube playlist to supplement teaching and learning