The Great Bear Sea encompasses the waters that surround the Great Bear Rainforest along the North Coast of British Columbia (BC) and extends from Campbell River on Vancouver Island to the border of BC and Alaska. This region of British Columbia’s coast is one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world, has enormous cultural significance to the people who live here, and contains important resources for BC’s economy.

The Exploring the Great Bear Sea Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Curriculum Resources are based on the film The Great Bear Sea: Reflecting on the Past, Planning for the Future by Green Fire Productions, and can be used to engage students in an inquiry-based, educational journey through the Great Bear Sea exploring a variety of themes such as Indigenous Knowledge, collaborative science, marine planning, biodiversity, sustainable resource management and marine stewardship. Students explore the importance of this region of BC – and our connection to both land and sea – through place-based stories, traditions and histories, bringing a diversity of First Peoples’ perspectives from this region into the classroom.